Shady Oaks Gun Range offers the best indoor gun range facility and staff in the greater Austin area. From state-of-the-art equipment and air filtration systems to our certified and knowledgeable staff, we cater to all gun owners. Shady Oaks is your source for License to Carry classes and private one-to-one instruction in pistol, rifle and shotgun from beginner levels up to advanced.

We also offer the Texas License to Carry Classes.  Follow the link to our License to Carry Page for all the options available to you now.  Many reasons why you should get your LTC even though Texas passed “Permit-less Carry” aka “Constitutional Carry.” We also have ONLINE CLASSES:

We are hiring range safety officers and retail staff.  Must have current TEXAS License to Carry (LTC).
If interested, please visit the range and speak to Vince or Jim.

Planning to visit our range?

All visitors must present a valid, government-issued photo identification (such as driver’s license or passport).  First-time visitors may speed-up the check-in process by completing the Questionnaire, Range Rules, and Insurance Waiver and bringing it to the range. Forms are also available at check-in.  All visitors are expected to know and demonstrate proper gun safety at all times!!  If you have never had any firearms training, we ask that your first visit to the range be accompanied by an instructor or an experienced shooter who will be responsible for you. We have staff instructors with whom you may schedule a private lesson, but those lessons must be scheduled in advance.  We are unable to accommodate lessons for walk-ins.

When arriving at the range, all guns must be stored in a case or range bag and must be unloaded. The exception to this rule is your concealed carry piece, which may be loaded. It may only be unholstered for use while you are within your shooting station and reholstered when you have completed your session.

Range use is available on a first-come, first-served basis; we do not accept reservations.  During busy times when there is a waiting list, customers who are Shady Oaks Gun Range MEMBERS will get priority for the range.  Memberships are not required to use our facility, but members get VIP treatment.  Our range fees and membership benefits are listed on our Prices & Info page.

Business Hours:

Monday – Saturday:  11am – 7pm
Sunday: 12pm – 6pm

We are open every day except Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day and Easter Sunday.

Shady Oaks Gun Range Features:

  • 10 Lanes on the 25-Yard Lanes Pistol Range
  • 6 Lanes on the 50-Yard Rifle Range
  • Electric Target Retrievers allow quick adjustment of shooting distance
  • Magnum Proof Clear Lane Partitions provide shooter visibility and safety
  • Advanced HEPA Air Management, eliminates lead and other contaminants
  • High-Intensity LED Range Lighting with Low Light Shooting Configurations
  • Advanced Acoustic Design, reduces noise to near outdoor levels
  • Exceeds NRA and NSSF Design Guides (the safety standards)
  • Pro Shop with Competitively-Priced Ammo and Supplies
  • Full line of Rental Hand Guns and Rifles
  • Training Rooms for Private Lessons and Classes
kids shoot free at Shady Oaks Gun Range!

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Talk to us About the Purchase of
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