Prices & Info

Shady Oaks Gun Range Features:

  • 25-Yard Indoor Pistol Range with 10 Lanes (pistol calibers only)
  • 50-Yard Indoor Rifle Range with 6 Lanes (all rifle calibers required to use rifle range)
  • Electric Target Retrievers (allows adjustment of shooting distance without a cease fire)
  • Advanced HEPA Air Management (eliminates lead and other contaminants)
  • Pro Shop Complete with Competitively-Priced Firearms, Ammunition and Supplies

 Hours of Operation

  • Open daily Monday to Saturday 11am – 7pm and Sunday 12pm-6pm
  • We are open every day except Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day and Easter holidays.
  • No reservations; first-come, first-served

 Range Fees

  • Pistol Range – $17.50 per person for 45 minutes ($5 for each additional 15 min.) OR $15.00 per person for 2 or more people to share a lane for 45 min. ($5 each additional 15 min. per person)
  • Rifle Range – $22.50 per person for 45 minutes($5 for each additional 15 min.) OR $20.00 per person for 2 or more people to share a lane for 45 min. ($5 each additional 15 min. per person)
  • Children under 18 years of age are FREE *
  • Discount on range fee for Active Military, Law Enforcement & First Responder with valid ID

Frequent Shooters Card

  • The Frequent Shooter card is $164.99 and gives you a total of 11 pre-paid sessions which breaks down to $14.99 per visit.  This card is valid for PISTOL RANGE ONLY. If you would like to use this card for Rifle range, there will be an additional $5 charge per visit.

Gift Cards

  • Can be any amount and used for retail items, range fees, or classes.

Annual Membership

  • Members get VIP treatment!
  • Unlimited range time and unlimited archery time
  • Free gun rentals (with the purchase of our competitively priced ammo)
  • Priority status during wait periods (moved to the front of the line when we have a waiting list for lanes)
  • Discount on FFL transfer fees
  • Individual Membership: $550/year for Pistol & Rifle Range; $450/year for Pistol Range only
  • Family Membership: $800/year for Pistol & Rifle Range; $700/year for Pistol Range only
    (Family membership includes two adults plus all adult dependents living in the same household *)

Handgun and Rifle Sales & Pricing

Shady Oaks Gun Range prices all of the most popular handguns and rifles well below MSRP.  We do not price match Big Box or Online stores, but once you factor in shipping costs, credit card fees, and transfer fees, Shady Oaks Gun Range Pricing is typically at par or even below online pricing. Ask the Big Box if you may shoot your new gun at their store and they will likely say NO! Gun buyers will never leave Shady Oaks Gun Range with unanswered firearm questions. In most cases we have the gun of your choice available for “test drive” because at Shady Oaks Gun Range we do not believe in buyer’s remorse.

NFA Transfers

  • $130 NFA Transfer Fee

FFL Transfers 

If you purchase a firearm from another FFL dealer, please use our FFL Transfer Form to request the firearm be shipped to us.

  • $25 Members with LTC
  • $35 Members with No LTC
  • $55 Non-Members with LTC
  • $65 Non-Members with No LTC

Plus $15 Service Fee per Package for all non-FFL transfer items (ammo, accessories)

Plus $25 Service Fee on all transfers fulfilled by the following:

  • Sports South LLC
  • Bill Hicks & Company
  • Camfour/Hill Country
  • Lipsey’s

Gun Rentals

  • Any Firearm $20  (one-time/per visit fee, not per gun)
  • More information is on the Firearm Rentals page.

License to Carry

  • We offer License to Carry Classes!
  • Please read our LTC page for more info.

Private Shooting Lessons

  • Private lesson one-on-one with instructor
  • Individual or small group instruction
  • $60 for 1 hour, includes range fee and instructor lesson
  • Check our Lesson Availability to book a lesson online

Group Classes

All prices are subject to sales tax.  These prices may change without notice.  Updated 2/14/2023.

* Anyone under the age of 18 years old must be accompanied by a paying Parent or Legal Adult Guardian and must share a lane with the adult; limit 2 minors per adult.