Shady Oaks Gun Range Firearms Instructor – Victoria Kogan

  • NRA Certified Instructor for Basic Pistol (since 2017)
  • Texas License to Carry (LTC) Instructor (since 2018)
  • NRA Refuse to be a Victim Instructor
  • Member of A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League
  • Member of CAPS Shooting Club

License to Carry

If you landed on this page looking to take the License to Carry class with me, first understand that you now have TWO OPTIONS. I’ve explained ALL THE DETAILS on our LTC Info Page so please check that out if you have questions!

For the ONLINE LTC Class, follow these steps:

  • FIRST: Complete the classroom portion of the Online LTC at at your own pace, in your own time.
  • AFTERWARD: If you’re comfortable shooting independently, sign-up for my Online LTC Range Class to complete the range portion with me in a class setting with a group.
  • OR: If you need a little more coaching and would like to complete the RANGE portion in a PRIVATE SESSION, book an appointment using the booking calendar at the bottom of this page.

For the IN-PERSON LTC Class, sign up for my License to Carry class which is generally offered once a month on a Saturday. Please understand this is a 6-hour class for experienced shooters only. The LTC Class is for you to demonstrate that you have a basic level of shooting proficiency and are able to operate your firearm by yourself.

My Shooting Journey:

The first time I was handed a pistol, I had absolutely no experience with firearms. With no warning, no instruction, and no ear & eye protection, I was given a handgun and challenged to take a shot. I aimed at the target, pulled the trigger, and simultaneously let out a startled scream as I was shocked by the sound and recoil. Others had a good laugh at my expense, but I will never forget the humiliation felt in that moment.

Twenty years passed before I was interested in firearms and finally purchased a handgun in 2012. When I became a gun owner, I didn’t realize it would start a journey that would add so much empowerment and joy to my life.  That path progressed into competition shooting where I found a warm and welcoming family, and I have been blessed with many friendships along the way!

In 2014, I began working at Shady Oaks Gun Range when they opened the doors on Day One.  I had the wonderful opportunity to watch it grow and expand in 2017. Although my professional background was mainly in accounting and office management, I soaked up a wealth of practical firearms knowledge at Shady Oaks Gun Range. This also put me on the path of becoming a pistol instructor in 2017 as I often found myself coaching basic firearms safety on the range.

In 2020, with a lot of changes that year, my full-time focus shifted. I scaled back to part-time availability at Shady Oaks Gun Range for lessons, classes and other administrative responsibilities.

As a woman who became interested in firearms “later in life,” I’m not your typical “Tactical Tammy” firearms instructor with a militant style or lifetime of gun experience. However, because I came into firearms “later in life,” I am acutely familiar with a lot of misinformation given to new firearm owners and to women particularly. It brings me joy to help others become competent and confident with a firearm as I learn and develop as a competitive shooter!

I love working with beginners and with people who may be intimidated by firearms. These are probably my favorite students. I am passionate about teaching others to be confident and competent at their own pace.  My goal is to equip students with a safety-first mindset while also developing confidence to the point where they are comfortable using the range on their own.  I also like to work with folks interested in getting started with pistol shooting sports and who wish to further develop their firearms proficiency. 

Book a Private Session for Pistol Lesson or LTC Range Test

If you can’t find availability with Victoria, our other staff instructors post their availability on the Lesson Calendar.
Victoria also teaches License to Carry classes in a group setting which are listed on the Events Calendar.