Two New Rifles

Friends, two in-stock rifles you should want to see and Buy:

1. Anderson’s No Lube AM15M4

2. Ruger’s SR556
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The Ruger SR556 is Ruger’s Piston Driven 223/556. The chrome-lined gas block and chrome-plated piston and regulator work together to provide a smooth power delivery stroke to the bolt carrier. The by-products of the gas system are vented out the bottom of the gas block, away from the bolt carrier, keeping the action clean and free from contaminants. The end result is significantly improved performance over gas driven rifles.

The Anderson 223 REM/5.56MM has a RF85 HARD ANODIZED BLACK finish Capacity and a 16″ M4 HEAVY Barrel. Weight is approximately 6.65 LBS. What makes this Anderson so special you ask? NO LUBRICANT required, Cleans with Dishwashing Soap and H20 (Water). But how can this be possible you ask? Teflon nano surface technology. RF85 treatment allow Anderson rifles to operate without oil lubricant. The rifle cycles faster and more reliably, operates at cooler temperatures, experiences significantly less wear and, without the traditional oil lubricants. Failures due to excess dirt and carbon fouling in the action are nonexistent.

Why does Shady Oaks Gun Range Offer these two rifles? Reliability and what it takes to keep them running. Seems to us that if you can eliminate or reduce Cleaning Solvents from your rifle “Kit”, then why wouldn’t you. Instead of Lead Dissolving agents, Carbon Busting Liquids, Copper removers, and Various Solvents and Lubricants taking up space in your “kit”, you might instead value critical items such as Drinking Water, Hand Sanitizer, Water Purification products, or even edibles such as Food stuffs. Oh, and a piece of soap to clean your rifle and yourself.

Both of these rifles will run through more rounds between cleanings than you could ever possible carry or run with from point A to point B. And bore snake will take you a LONG WAY.