Something New

Something-NewSomething New and Something Old at Shady Oaks Gun Range:

Friends, Shady Oaks Gun Range have a few incredible product offerings not to found in any single location:
Displayed for your pleasure are two Smith & Wesson Offerings;
S&W Model 25-5 in 45 Long Colt Paired with the S&W R8. And with these we also have the Ruger Mark I along side a modern Ruger Mark III.

If you are interested in adding either the S&W in 45 Long Colt or the Ruger Mark I to your personal collections, please set up a time to discuss with Jim or Vince. Of course you all know by now that Shady Oaks doesn’t discuss pricing on line

Also hiding in the corner is the Browning BAR 22LR. Like the S&W and the Mark I, the BAR 22LR has NEVER BEEN FIRED (besides the factory shot).