Shady Oaks Gun Range 308’s

Shady Oaks Gun Range 308’s

We have a few new great 308’s in our offering lineup:

POF 7.2Lb 308 Rifle!POF’s GEN4 REVOLUTION – This must be the lightest 308 AR in the WORLD at just over 7lbs, this piston driven rifle is as much as 2lbs lighter than most .762 X51 NATO rifles. A new Chamber design aides extraction and one can only wonder why everyone doesn’t have their billfolds unfolding.

GALIL by IWI Side Folding 308Galil ACE Rifle – This IWI design weighs in at 8.5lbs and features ambi controls, side folding telescoping combed buttstock and adjustable iron sights with Tritium inserts. The design has been tweaked to perfection during the last 40 years.

COLT – Friends, this is the Colt 308 Rifle at just under 8.5lbs. The COL MARC901 308 is highly adaptable, even to 5.56 w/kit, full ambi controls and Gas Impingement operation.

Like most Shady Oaks firearms offerings, these are not your Typical Big Box offerings. Come down and check out the most versatile rifle rounds ever, the Winchester 7.62 X51 NATO with more than twice the energy and range of your best 5.56.

However we have two sweet LWRC’s in 5.56 if the 7.62 rounds are bit too much in recoil and cost.