Make a Great New Year ALL!

Make a Great New Year ALL!!!!!

Whats new at Shady Oaks Gun Range you ask?
Well the list is quite long, but I’ll give it a try:
>Ruger’s Precision Rifles in Both 6.5 Creedmore and 308.
>Sig’s P320 Carry in yes…..45ACP!
>Ruger’s new Mark IV. Why would you want a Mark IV?..Why Not?
>Small Smith & Wesson Revolvers you must FEEL to believe in both 38 Special +p and 357 Magnum. Speaking of Magnum…

We have in stock 22 Magnum and 22LR ammunition Galore….well maybe not 22 Magnum Galore, but we have more than you can shot in an hour. So now you can actually Purchase Several of our 22 Magnum Firearms with Confidence of enjoying it often (everyday if you want)
Why would you want a 22 Mag Firearm? ..+2300 FPS is why.

22 Magnum has twice the speed and twice the punch of 22LR and is easy to shoot for even the most recoil sensitive shooters. Shady Oaks offers 22 Magnum firearms in Revolver, Bolt Rifle and Semi-Auto Rifle. Stop by and take a look, bring cash or credit card.

There is just too much product to mention, so you’ll have to come down to see for yourself. But don’t wait too long.