Private Lessons

Private Lessons provide one-on-one training on a variety of topics from beginner to advanced levels. They are the perfect choice for individuals who are:

  • New to Firearms and Want to Learn to Handle Them Safely
  • First-time Firearms Owners or Those Planning to Purchase One Soon
  • Shooters Who Want to Learn Tips from the Pros
  • Anyone Interested in Improving Their Technique and Accuracy

Our Instructors have experience working with shooters of all skill levels and can help you improve your confidence and skills. Lessons are taught in 1-hour blocks, in a one-on-one format, covering the goals of your choice.

Note that Private Lessons are conducted with one person at a time. If two people want to sign up for a lesson together, you should book TWO lessons, back to back, with the same instructor. While any classroom instruction can be taught to a group, the Range only allows for ONE PERSON to be on the range with an instructor at a time, meaning the 2nd person will have to wait in the classroom or pro shop. The instructor will allow students to swap out and share range time if booking a joint lesson of two hours.


Price increase on Jan. 1, 2024:

  • Private Lesson – One person, book one hour = $80 (+tax)
  • Private Lesson – Two people, book two hours = $160 (+tax)
  • Group Lesson / Class – When group classes are available, they are posted on our Calendar page. Our preferred method of training is for one person for one hour or two people for two hours. Any more than that is difficult for one instructor to provide HANDS-ON training with direct supervision. This is especially true for new beginner shooters who need the instructor’s dedicated attention.


  • Firearms – If you bring your own firearm and ammunition, there is no additional fee for the lesson. However, firearms can be provided at no charge during a lesson, but you will be required to purchase our range ammunition for that firearm. Ammunition will vary in cost depending on caliber and how many boxes you use, but expect between $10-$30 for ammo.
  • Hearing protection is required at all times on the range. During a lesson, this can be provided for you if necessary, but if you have your own, please bring it!! We also sell hearing protection in the pro shop.
  • Eye protection is required at all times on the range. Your prescription eyewear will generally suffice for eye protection. During a lesson, this can be provided for you if necessary, but if you have your own, please bring it. We also sell eye protection in the pro shop.

Please note: You must wear close-toed shoes on the range. No sandals, flip-flops, or open-toe shoes are permitted on the range.

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