Shady Oaks Gun Range Firearms Instructor – Albert “A.J.” Barnes

  • NRA Certified Pistol Instructor

Message from A.J.:

My firearms experience began at the age of 19 when I joined the U.S. Navy. In the Navy, I
served as an armorer, which the Navy refers to as a “Gunner’s Mate”; and achieved the rank of
Gunner’s Mate second class (GM2). As a Gunner’s Mate, I was in direct charge of the ship’s
armory. Which included the ship’s small-arms firearms, crew-served weapons, ammunition,
cannons, and torpedoes. Another aspect of my duties as an armorer was to train personnel how to
properly handle firearms for their duties on security details. I conducted range safety briefs and
basic firearms marksmanship and manipulation training to new shooters. And oversaw the live-
fire qualification of various firearms ensuring the safety of personnel. I also served on the ship’s
security detail, equipped with various small-arms and crew served weapons and was a part of the
ship’s Small Craft Action Team (S.C.A.T). I then finished my service in the Navy and began
working here at Shady Oaks Gun Range as a Range Safety officer and Firearms Instructor,
continuing my knowledge and passion with firearms.

I believe that my experience leaves me with the proper knowledge and skills to teach
ANYONE to become an accurate, confident, competent, SAFE, consistent and knowledgeable
firearms owner. Safety is paramount. I will be able to teach you how to safely handle any firearm
that you come across and give you the proper techniques to ensure you will always be safe with
firearms. The trick is mastering the fundamentals. Once you learn how to consistently apply the
fundamentals to your shooting, you will be able to establish confidence in your abilities, and
your skills will show on your TARGET!! I am dedicated to teaching anyone the fundamentals of
safe handling; marksmanship, firearms maintenance and care to make ANYONE become a
confident, consistent, competent, accurate, knowledgeable and SAFE firearms

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