Two New Rentals

Greeting friends and acquaintances. Two fantastic new rentals join Shady Oaks Gun Range Rental fleet. But be warned, neither are for the faint of heart.

Pictured are:
Top: the 45 Colt lever action. Take the 45 Lever action out with the Ruger 45 Colt revolver for some old fashion feelings.


Bottom: The Kel-Tec KSG 13-Round 12 Gauge. KSG could possibly stand for KICK SOME GRITS, but I may be dating myself? Suffice it to say, if you want to experience shooting the KSG, and trust me when I say that you most certainly do want to feel the sensation of loading twelve, 12 Gauge shells then topping it off with the 13th, then you may proceed to run the silky smooth rack 12 times while ejecting smoking hot spent shells straight down to your feet. Just 3 words of advice…LEAN INTO IT. And please don’t come out of the range telling Victoria or Michelle that you got an Ouchy from the KSG.