Suppressors Coming Soon!!

Coming Soon – Shady Oaks Gun Range will be adding Suppressors to Rental Fleet!

We will soon have Suppressed S&W MP9, Glock 45ACP, and a 300 Blackout Modern Sports Rifle added to the rental options.  Shady Oaks Gun Range will also increase after-hours “Suppressor Only” range events where ear protection will not be required!

And if this is not exciting enough new, Shady Oaks Gun Range is working closely with Austin’s very Own Silencer Shop where you may order suppressor solutions, take delivery through Shady Oaks Gun Range, and actually use your suppressor before you may take it home.

Why should you want a suppressor? Well imagine what your 9mm or 45acp sound like in your home if need be. I would guess ear ringing will be your tune for the week.