SOGR Newsletter November

**Welcome to the inaugural Shady Oaks Gun Range Newsletter!**

We are excited to help keep you folks updated of upcoming events and goings-on so that you do not miss any of the exciting opportunities we are creating for the shooting community.

There are many amazing things happening at Shady Oaks Gun Range! In this issue we will cover:

  •  Since we began…Some things change, others stay the same.
  •  New Archery Range
  •  Gift Shopping
  •  Paul’s favorite story from the last month!
  •  Ongoing Events & Upcoming Classes

In the beginning we were a small team with a big vision to bring the best shooting experience possible to the Central Texas Area. We had visions of being a prime destination for local and visiting shooters with the safest, cleanest, and most enjoyable facility anyone has seen. Our focus was to be on educating new shooters, attracting female and youth shooters, and providing a safe and pleasant experience for seasoned shooters. We had innovative ideas for how to make the check-in process safer and easier, but we quickly saw that some of those were bad ideas so we changed them. Within the first week we were already making big changes! We also changed the way we charge for range time to better meet the demand, and added “Kids shoot free.”

All these changes were based on customer feedback, and you all responded well with your positive reviews on Google Reviews, Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor, and all the many gun forums. We cannot thank you enough! We still have the vision of remaining the prime destination for all shooters, new and experienced, young and old, male and female! We will always consider your feedback, and promise to continue to work very hard for you. The Shady Oaks Gun Range team definitely thanks you all!

Archery: We’re pleased to announce the opening of our outdoor Archery range. It is now open and ready for you! The price is $10/hour, per person.  Bring your bow & arrows and enjoy the targets we have setup. Distances are up to 40 yards. You can pin up targets of your own with our pins, or purchase the same targets we use on the pistol range for your bow shooting. Crossbows are fine, but NO BROADHEADS please. This is just the beginning for our archery range, so continue to check in to see what we add. It all depends on you!

Gift Shopping? Looking for a great Holiday gift? We now have Gift Certificates, as well as Layaway plans! Not to mention that All AR-15s in stock are now on sale! Get yours today while they last.

Black Friday: We will be having Black Friday specials the whole week of Thanksgiving so be sure to stop by and check them out. Some of these will really get your heart pumping, but even more — get your kids hearts pumping!

Paul’s favorite story from last month

I am committing to sharing a story with you each month. Now, this will be tough, so I might occasionally have to go back a month or two to share a story that was really great, but didn’t make the newsletter the month it happened.

This month, I would like to share with you about kids. Those who know me know that I LOVE kids! I coach my son’s baseball teams, I volunteer at the schools, and I make sure the neighborhood kids know that they can get their bike tires filled anytime they see me working in the garage. So it is no surprise that my story for the first month of this newsletter involves our NRA Family Marksmanship Night.

My favorite night of the month is the 4th Thursday when we have people of all ages come participate in NRA Family Marksmanship Night. This is a self paced program which gives shooters of all ages and skill levels a series of qualifications they can work towards achieving at their own pace.

When we first started the program, we were looking for kids to participate.  One of those who came in was Thomas. Thomas was not interested in competition, and he was concerned this is what it would be. I assured him it would not, and told him my 8 and 10 year old kids would be there as well. It was just about getting together and shooting, and having fun. No competition, and he didn’t even have to go for the qualifications if he didn’t want to.

Well, Thomas showed up with his Mom that first Thursday, and they had a great time! Thanks mostly to our fabulous NRA Certified Instructor Tracy Thronburg, Thomas felt right at home. After a few months, Thomas started working towards his qualifications and this last month we were honored to be part of his receiving his first medal and certificate as a Pro-Marksman in Rimfire Rifle!

We have a great, although small for now, group of kids who show up regularly for NRA Family Marksmanship Night. We are on break until January due to the holidays, but I hope you will bring a friend and join us on January 22nd.

Until then, as always, bring your kids to our indoor shooting range where kids always shoot free with the paid range fee of an accompanying adult. We have great .22 pistols and rifles to rent if you don’t have your own, and if you want a private lesson we have a great staff of instructors who can get you and your daughter or son started out right!

Ongoing Events

Monday nights are Ladies Night. From 6pm-8pm, women get a discounted range fee ($10 per 45-minute session) and FREE gun rentals with the purchase of applicable ammo. The 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month are extra special,
being hosted by A Girl & A Gun.

Tuesdays are Bring a Friend Day. All day long, two people can share a lane and receive a discounted range fee of $25 per 45-minute session for the pair.

Upcoming Classes
Be sure to check out our website for upcoming events for CHL classes, training, and special events.