Saturday April 4th

Shady Oaks Gun Range Update:

Texas Gun Range and Firearms Sales facilities are deemed essential during this Global Corona Pandemic Crisis. The Shady Oaks Gun Range ProShop (retail) remains open with reduced hours from 12 noon to 6pm daily.  Shady Oaks Gun Range has elected to keep both the 25 yard and 50 yard ranges closed while facilities are being cleaned, repaired and upgraded to improve our valued customers, clients and staff immediate and long term health and safety. 

Shady Oaks Gun Range has always focused on Safety and Great experiences as key mission deliverables.  Proper social distancing is vital to ensure safety for all, however the Range Safety Officer mission may and does often run counter to social distancing when newer or inexperienced shooters are involved.  And Shady Oaks Gun Range will not replace a gentle well timed tap on the shoulder with a scream from across the room.  As Covid-19 risks evolves moving forward, Shady Oaks Gun Range will modify and adapt how we deliver a safe and enjoyable experience while managing Live Fire Projective Risk and Covid-19 Aerosol & Surface Contamination risk. 

The SOGR team has successfully managed Live Fire Projection Risk for well over 2,150 days.  We believe the Covid-19 risk is no less critical. Lessons learnt from this pandemic will carry forward in the way we deliver our services and products. SOGR will always place Safety as our primary deliverable and one or both firing range will reopen when we believe the Covid-19 risk is manageable.  As always, suggestions and feedback are always welcomed and your patience is greatly appreciated.