Saturday, April 18, 2020

It’s Saturday friends and T-minus 7 days. Shady Oaks Gun Range is Scheduled to offer both the 25-Yard and 50-Yard ranges daily from Noon to 6pm beginning Saturday, APRIL 25th.

We’ve made a few upgrades and procedure changes to help ensure the most Range and Covid19 safety.

But wait!, there’s more.

Due to limited Range Safety Officers and the need to support limited social contacts, only experienced or accompanied new shooters will be allowed on range. New shooters must be accompanied by an experienced shooter capable of ensuring safe firearm handling and operating skills. Immediate and non-refundable range extraction may be the result when unsafe and/or poor firearm operating skills are indicated. If one is unsure of their firearm proficiency, we highly recommend taking a class here at Shady Oaks Gun Range as soon as possible.

LTC classes will be offered Each Thursday, beginning April 30th from 11am to 4pm. Max Class size will be 8 (eight) students.

There are 2 absolutely additional requirements for all LTC Students:

  1. ALL LTC STUDENTS MUST ABSOLUTLEY WEAR mask/face covering while on premises.
  2. All LTC STUDENTS MUST demonstrate Safe firearm Handling and Operating skills with their firearms. Immediate and non-refundable class extraction will be the result when unsafe and/or poor firearm operating skills are indicated.

We strongly suggest and encourage LTC candidates signup for private firearms instruction session(s) BEFORE attempting an LTC Proficiency class or even an individual range walk-in visit.

Private Firearm lessons are available Friday’s from 3pm to 6m and Saturdays from 11am to 6pm, starting YESTERDAY, April 17th. Signup at Shady Oaks Gun Range website. These 10 slots fill quickly each week.

Hold On! There is even more:

Online LTC students can complete their Range Proficiency on Tuesday’s at 3pm or 4pm. Max group size is 5 (five). So there are 10 fixed slots each Tuesday for LTC Range Proficiency. The PISTOL Range will be closed to walk-in shooters on Tuesday’s 3 to 5pm.

We encourage all customers to wear masks and manage your social distancing. Two retail customer allowed at any time


  • 25 and 50 Yard Range Opens April 25 12noon to 6pm and daily thereafter 12noon to 6pm.
  • If unfamiliar with firearm safety or operations, sign up for class, RSO’s will not provide instructions and you may be asked to leave the range…there will be no refunds.
  • LTC Proficiency for Online students every Tuesday at 3pm and 4pm. Firearms instruction NOT included.
  • LTC Class offering every Thursday 11am to 4pm. Students must wear Face mask/cover at all times, no exceptions. Firearms instruction NOT included.