New Product Hotness Just arrived

More you ask? Yes More!

Shady Oaks has a few of the Hottest products on the market and quantities are very limited…we have 1 or 2 literally direct from manufacturers.

First up is Q’s Honey Badger 300 Blackout SBR with matching Suppressor. This combination is modern firearm artistry meets extreme performance. It is a two stamp deal since the suppressor can be separated from SBR and hosted elsewhere….NICE!  All those seeking this Honey Badger, your time has come. It’s been on backorder for most shops and distributors for a very long time…..did I mention SOGR recently signed a deal with Q?

Second up is DeadAir’s newest suppressor product, the Sierra5 Xeno.  Yes, we have it for immediate attachment to your favorite 556, or 223 or 22-250 or ….These are fantastic products and looking for new homes

And thirdly, Did you know CZ Manufactured Suppressors? Well most didn’t know either and unfortunately for CZ they decided to stick to making fantastic firearms and dump a suppressor truck load. Fortunately for SOGR friends, we snatched up a few of the CZ Suppressors and we are selling them…at a bargain price, a really low price, a really really low low price.  When these CZ suppressors are gone, they will be no more, so we strongly suggest you come down to Shady Oaks Gun Range and ask to see the CZ suppressors, and then buy one.