Happy New Year 2022

Greetings friends. Wishing all a great COVID Free New Years!

Because of our friends, customers and clients, SOGR has been able to service your needs for more than 7 years. 92 months and 1 week to be exact (this is 23 qrts for you finance folks). Since opening, SOGR added an Archery offering and a 50 Yard 6 lane expansion. We are not done growing, there is more to come for certain. However, SOGR has not escaped the Global pandemic and social unrest impacts and getting back to full capacity has been elusive. We’ve run short a full crew, but I think you all (most of you) would agree that the SOGR team continues to deliver outstanding services.

Cost and expenses have climbed continually since January 2020 and product shortage avoidance cost have all been absorbed by the business, but as of January 2022 we must make a few updates to help ensure SOGR continues another 7 years. Range fees have remain unchanged since SOGR opened April 23, 2014. On Jan 1st 2022, the range fee will increase 17% to $17.50 for 25 Yard Range and increase to $22.50 (12.5%) for rifle range.
$15 goes up to $17.50
$20 goes up to $22.50
Rentals continues at $20 for ALL rental guns, Training and Member pricing and benefits remain unchanged.

SOGR appreciates our friends’, customers’ and clients’ continuous support and if we fail to deliver safe and enjoyable experiences, please Face Book Message us directly with all the particulars. We appreciate your continuous patronage.