Challenge and Walther’s CCP

11903783_882613741826299_6968470917386892094_nLooks like Mr. Ed and Mr. Carson are doing their Annie Oakley routine and they appear to have laid down a challenge: Split a business card at 5 Yards.

If you plan to replicate the shot, then you might try the most recent offering from Walther, the CCP.

It’s clear to me that Walther is not doing the greatest job marketing the CCP.  Let me provide a short review.

Barrel Length: +3.5 inches
Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 8+1

Just a wee bit larger than the Glock’s 43 Single Stack 6+1 9mm, and CCP has a slightly longer barrel.

11923223_882633911824282_9053087100564191625_nNow for the really critical items:

Recoil….Tamed, very very very tamed. If the CCP recoil is too much for the shooter then I might suggest hitting a 4oz hammer on a steel pan a few times twice per day just to toughen up a little.

Charging the slide…..The CCP must be the easiest racking Small Frame 9mm Pistol on EARTH, no…not just the Earth, but the entire Cosmos! [Note- Ray Guns don’t need to be charged, I mean racked. Ray guns would likely require some electrical charge]

Accuracy…As I suggested, if you plan to split Carson’s business card with a bullet at 5yds, then do yourself a favor and rent the CCP so you can save some bullets and money.

Grip, Fit, Ergonomics…The only two hands the CCP will not fit perfectly is THE HULK and Ant MAN (post shrinkage).

Double Taps…Please Please be advised the followup reset is short enough to startle you, yes even you with the Kimber Ultra Carry PPQ Stealth MOS Tritium Bi Luminal Double Stack triple action 10.45MM 3.4lb trigger, 15 lb slide action Sig.

11892160_882613735159633_777232476015583502_nYes Friends, I know what you are thinking as you read this CCP Review, “Shady Oaks Gun Range just wants to Sell a bunch of CCPs”. But let me tell you what you should be thinking:
“I need this Ultra Compact, 8+1 in 9mm, with Low Recoil, Fixed Barrel Gas Delayed Blowback Conceal Carry solution”

Yes Friends, Buy the CCP from Shady Oaks or Buy it from the Big Box up the road, but buy it you must. Then Shoot it, shoot it like Annie Oakley herself taught you to shoot it.