Shady Oaks Gun Range is an indoor gun range, retail pro-shop, and training & education center. We strive to:

  • Provide the safest possible target shooting experience by meeting or exceeding safety and security design guidelines and features a robust safety plan and enforcement.
  • Provide the cleanest environment by complying to OSHA, National Rifle Association physical design guidelines
  • Provide convenient and efficient shooting experience that will reduce many shooting inhibitors and help ensure handgun and rifle proficiency
  • Provide a multi-use space that will facilitate Conceal Carry License Classes, additional fee based curriculum and informal social gatherings such as a Women’s Pistol Club Group Meetings
  • Provide training and education with exceptional staff instructors
  • Enable and promote handgun Proficiency for both CHL holders and general gun owners by creating the safest shooting range design and customer experience ecosystem with emphasis on range safety practices, acoustic management, and lowest possible environmental lead exposure
  • Provide the highest quality experience

Shady Oaks Gun Range Features:

  • 10 Indoor, 4-Foot-Wide, 25 Yard Lanes with adjustable lighting
  • Electric Target Retrievers allows quick adjustment of shooting distance
  • Magnum Proof Clear Lane Partitions provide shooter visibility and safety
  • Advanced HEPA Air Management, eliminates lead and other contaminants
  • High-Intensity LED Range Lighting with Low Light Shooting Configurations
  • Advanced Acoustic Design, reduces noise to near outdoor levels
  • Exceeds NRA and NSSF Design Guides (the safety standards)
  • Pro Shop with Competitively-Priced Ammo and Supplies
  • Full line of Rental Hand Guns and Rifles
  • Training Room with seating for up to 16 Students

Shady Oaks Gun Range sales include the most reliable Handguns and Rifles available to the public in the Austin Texas area.

Shady Oaks Gun Range offers interest-free 60-day layaway plan and NFA Form 4 Transfers.

Shady Oaks Offers convenient Suppressors, NFA firearms and NFA firearm accessories for all of Central Texas.