FFL Transfer Form

Transfer Fee, per firearm:

    • $25 Members with LTC

    • $35 Members with No LTC

    • $65 Non-Members with LTC
    • $75 Non-Members with No LTC

Please note there will be a $15 Service Fee per package for all non-FFL items (items which are NOT firearms such as ammo or accessories) as these are not necessary to ship to an FFL.  Please have your non-FFL items sent directly to your home.

There will be a $35 Service Fee on all transfers fulfilled by the following:

    • Sports South LLC

    • Bill Hicks & Company

    • Camfour/Hill Country

    • Lipsey’s

To avoid these fees, please first check our online inventory.

If the item is not available there, please contact us about a special order, and we will let you know if we can assist you.

However, if you’d like to proceed with a firearms transfer, please use the form below, and we will send a copy of our FFL directly to the shipper.

If you receive tracking notices from the shipper, please note that we receive shipments in bulk and must complete ATF requirements for receiving firearms BEFORE they can be released to you.  We will call you when the firearm is ready for pickup.  Do not show up to pickup your firearm until after we call you.  Thank you!

    Name of FFL Shipper: (Who is sending the item to us?)

    Shipper Email: (We need the email address to send our FFL license.)

    Name of Customer: (What is your name?)

    Customer Phone: (Only used for questions about your transfer.)

    Make/Model of Firearm: (Basic information of your transfer.)

    Any additional comments: (Order information or number. If applicable, please note if this is a Class 3 item.)